Automotive High-Pressure Smoke Machine Guide & Review

Searching for spills in a diesel particulate channel (DPF) or fumes after-treatment framework can be disappointing and tedious for experts. 

A typical, yet perilous and wasteful, way experts endeavor to discover spills is by turning over the motor to compress the framework and afterward getting under the running truck to splash sudsy water in the expectations that air pockets will shape to assist with detecting the break. Ultrasonic listening gadgets are added as often as possible utilized in uncompromising hole recognition, however, the outcomes can be muddled and uncertain. 

Taking care of the issue of a subtle hole is basic since, in such a case that after-treatment frameworks aren’t fixed effectively, oxygen can enter the framework and produce bogus sensor readings. 

High-pressure release analyzers, all the more ordinarily alluded to as smoke machines, give a fast and effective answer for discovering spills. A high-pressure spill indicator utilizes standard packed air to reach and keep a variable strain of up to 20 psi all through the vehicle’s admission and exhaust framework. Connectors fit the size and state of the opening to neatly close admission and exhaust in various frameworks. an unpracticed individual work

Here, I will reveal the best Car smoke machine in the market that will help you with choosing which one suits your requirements the most!

Quick Information:

  • Product Dimensions: ‎14.92 x 9.17 x 5.35 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎4.62 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ‎AutoLine Pro
  • Brand: ‎AutoLine Pro


Predominant, Premium Structure, and Smoke: 

Made in the USA. Solid Thick Metal Improvement for robustness. Furnished with our flawless AutoLine Expert Creative Smoke Circle that yields Lots OF SMOKE and suffers for eternity. (Lifetime Affirmation!)

Determine a wide range of Breaks to have Adapters: 

Dependably smoke test EVAP systems, Vacuum discharges, low-pressure Super breaks, Confirmation Manifolds, Cooling/EGR/Exhaust Structures, worn flexible, gaskets, seals, connectors, to say the least! The fixed smoke imbuement ramble gets into in every practical sense, all hoses and lines.

Commercial Fog Machine: 

Designed 100% safe for all vehicles. Thick Smoke yield recognizes even the littlest holes. Each unit Is supported by a 1 Year Full Inclusion Guarantee!

More Smoke:

In this Machine, you presumably can’t utilize it to find cooling framework spills since cooling frameworks require higher tension. More smoke liquid is accessible in the AutoLine Master store.


Load up with the included OEM-supported smoke liquid. The pack works with the included OEM-endorsed liquid, or you can utilize your own USP mineral oil/child oil. 

Hold the force line. Associate your air supply. Any size and any kind of air blower will work. Check for spills with smoke recognition innovation. 

EVAP Framework: 

Evaporative Emanations Control Frameworks are commanded on all vehicles and trucks to keep hurtful fuel fumes from going into our neighborhood networks and environment. 

EVAP Breaks happen normally because of the ordinary mileage of the auto-drive framework as the age of the vehicle. Exhaust cloud Checks are done routinely to keep up with car proficiency. 

Diagnosing EVAP Breaks: 

The principal indication of an EVAP hole would be the presence of the “Really look at Motor” light. It is protected to keep driving by not suggested. Most holes are little, you would not have the option to smell the break. An OBDII sensor will assist you with diagnosing what kind of hole is available. 

EVAP Break Codes to search for: P0442/P0445/P0440/P0446/P0411 

Discovering EVAP Breaks: 

After diagnostics, Autoline Aces Smoke Machine will want to discover any breaks rapidly and without any problem. Our line of smoke-producing spill identifiers is not difficult to utilize. particularly when joined with our connectors. You will want to discover spills in: 

Shut Framework Holes/EVAP Frameworks/Vacuum Breaks/Low Tension Turbos/Admission Manifolds/Cooling Frameworks/EGR/Exhaust, Frameworks/Worn elastic gaskets seals/Connectors and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Interesting points when purchasing the best Car smoke machine: 

With an always expanding interest for vehicles and a considerably more noteworthy number of them out and about, motor strength is tried from a genuine perspective of its assertion. 

Car Smoke Machine buys have begun to fill dramatically in deals, and this is what you need to remember to know what’s the best accessible alternative out there for you. 

Remember the accompanying primary components before you go out looking for a Car Smoke Machine. 

Smoke Liquid: 

A decent smoke machine might accompany a superior quality smoke liquid that goes on for around 100 uses, however, ensure it’s remembered for your bundle if the promotion says as much. I would in any case suggest machines that require right away accessible oil (child or mineral). 

The width of Hose: 

This is a critical factor in figuring out what’s the right smoke machine for you. Contrast your defective pipeline width and the smoke machine you’re going to buy and ensure that it’s essentially as wide, if not, more than the line you wish to check. 

The greatest season of reliable use: 

From 3 minutes to 15 minutes, various machines offer various expansions of time for consistent use. 

In case you’re a studio proprietor, the 15 min heat-up time may in any case not be sufficient for you, and in case you’re a mortgage holder, even a 3-min window may be sufficient for you to distinguish the hole. Contribute as indicated by the speculated harms. 

Activity and Use: 

The general activity of a smoke machine is straightforward. You may require some extra instruments, or you probably won’t rely upon the item you’ve purchased. The establishment guides and online assets will help the web. 

Try to give them a look before you give it a shot on your own. Some machine proprietors might even void the guarantee if an unpracticed individual works and harms the hardware, so remember that.

Extra advantages of Using High-Pressure Leak Detector: 

Extra advantages of a high-pressure spill analyzer on after-treatment gadgets for specialists incorporate the accompanying: 

Recognize deficiencies before they trigger extreme constrained DPF recoveries or the motor going into de-evaluated activity. 

Find unsettled upstream holes (exhaust roars, V-clips, ventilation system ribs, broken tubing, compacted air charge spills) to stay away from the untimely stopping of the DPF. 

Effectively pinpoint the underlying driver of DPF framework issues and emanations purifying impetus issues related to import trucks. 

Test the honesty of the air admission and exhaust frameworks without upsetting different parts. 

Discover exhaust spills in minutes, forestalling carbon monoxide fumes in the driver’s lodge region, and inside transport traveler compartments. 

Decrease Analytic Time:

As well as discovering releases quicker and all the more proficiently, a smoke machine can significantly decrease analytic time and assist with disposing of rebounds. It can rapidly find spills in super/support, charge air cooler, exhaust framework, wind and water, lodge, consumption framework, seals, gasket, hoses, fittings, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Automotive Leak Detector:

After utilizing a high-pressure spill analyzer to discover releases, a quality substantial sweep instrument can be utilized to search for codes that are making the truck run in de-rate mode. A convenient analytic apparatus like the Bosch HDS 200 can without much of a stretch be utilized for portable truck fixes. 

Holes Speedily Cycle:

With protection upkeep utilizing a high-pressure spill analyzer, finding holes can be a speedy cycle rather than a significant fix issue in the shop or a breakdown out and about. Utilizing a hole analyzer during standard upkeep can forestall issues and consider fixes before spills become a significant issue that cause lost time and cash for an armada.


What does a car smoke machine do? 

The Car Smoke Machine distinguishes and recognizes the places of spillages on various lines and evaporation frameworks on your vehicles utilizing a particular oil to create smoke to identify the hole. 

What Causes an evaporation framework disappointment? 

Explanations behind an EVAP framework disappointment can go from a harmed radiator or a gas tank to just an old vehicle that has been offered now is the ideal time. 

What oil do you use in a smoke machine? 

This relies upon the machine that you have purchased. Most machines will run on mineral or child oil, yet a few makers like and give their smoke liquid that goes on for a more extended span. 

Would it be a good idea for me to make a smoke machine at home? 

No, it isn’t suggested. You ought to pick an Auto Smoke Machine All things being equal. 

How would I analyze a harmed evaporation framework? 

The check motor light is a decent spot, to begin with, regards to diagnosing a harmed evaporation framework. A convenient instrument worth the time and energy you’ll need to get is a shortcoming code scanner. Utilizing this device, you can get what is alluded to as a difficulty code that lets you know which of the lines need consideration. 

What different frameworks can the smoke machine be utilized to distinguish the breaks ready? 

Smoke Machines can be utilized to distinguish spills in any frameworks that contain air like Carburetors, Vacuum frameworks, injectors seals, and so on 

Would I be able to supplant the analyzer’s answer with fundamental mineral oil? 

No, it isn’t suggested. Even though it may work for you for a brief time, almost certainly, doing as such will make harm both the test and the smoke machine over the long haul. 

For what reason is just nitrogen gas suggested for testing EVAP frameworks? 

This is because nitrogen isn’t flammable and is more secure to work inside a studio and close to a radiator. It has under 1 % oxygen, so there’s no way of start. 

What sort of holes does a car smoke machine analyze? 

A car smoke machine analyze a wide range of spillages in your vehicle’s framework that have air going through them, for example, separated vacuum lines, releasing gaskets, broken fittings, and so forth 

Would I be able to utilize a smoke machine to discover AC spills? 

No, Air conditioner spills are too little to even consider being determined to have a smoke. They are generally determined to have followed colors or follow gas analyzers.


This survey was made in the wake of directing legitimate examination. Ideally, you will want to settle on the best decision regarding the best auto smoke machine. As referenced above, ensure that every one of the components is as per your requirements. 

You would prefer not to get a machine with an excessive number of specs contrasted with your requirements, if a basic liquid buy does the work for you, pull out all the stops. Try not to feel compelled to put resources into only one machine. Good luck with your buy!

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