LeakMaster / The Smoke Machine
Leak Master / The Smoke Machine
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What is Diagnostic Smoke Vapor?  
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Diagnostic Smoke is a special vapor-producing solution.  This solution is used in combination with our vapor-producing machines containing licensed STAR patented technology.   UltraTraceUV solution is a patented Diagnostic Smoke vapor-producing solution containing a special ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye that gets deposited at the exact location of a leak. To quickly identify a leak's location; you simply introduce this vapor into a system to be leak-tested and look for the exiting vapor (smoke) or the dye deposited at the exact location of a leak.  If you see the smoke or dye, you've found the leak! 

UltraTraceUV is non-contaminating and non-toxic. And since it is non-permanent, it easily wipes off clean when no longer needed.  STAR technology is recommended or mandated/ required by virtually all major automakers and it can be found inside 100% of the smoke machines mandated by the automakers for their dealers, worldwide.

For years, ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye has been the 'standard' for reliable leak detection in systems that contain a liquid carrier; such as systems with Freon or hydraulic fluids.  However, up until now, these fluorescent dies could not be used in systems without a liquid (dry systems) because the liquid was required to be the 'carrier' for the fluorescent dye.

This revolutionary patented Diagnostic Smoke
solution and method of vaporization eliminates liquid carriers from the process. UltraTraceUV solution, when vaporized, will take the fluorescent dye air-borne.  This technology actually suspends the fluorescent dye in the vapor and carries it directly to leaks wherever they may be.  At the point of a leak, the vapor escapes and the dye gets deposited at the exact location of the leak.  Now any 'dry system' can be leak tested. This method will allow you to use ultraviolet-based leak detection in systems never before possible. Most industries can benefit from this technology.  This technology has been APPROVED/ Mandated for the Automotive Industry; Aviation; Marine and Industrial applications.

The Diagnostic Smoke vapor can be generated using compressed air or any non-combustible gas such as nitrogen or CO2 for testing potentially volatile systems such as a vehicle’s fuel vapor recovery (EVAP) system.  The Diagnostic Smoke vapor is available with the special fluorescent dye additive or without.

Other leak detection applications include virtually any system that does not contain a liquid. In an automotive system this may include the vacuum and exhaust systems of a vehicle; brake boosters, cooling systems, turbochargers, intercoolers, diaphragms and gaskets. With a special adapter, the Diagnostic Smoke
vapor can be used to determine wind and water leaks entering the vehicle’s passenger or luggage compartments.

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